Monday, June 13, 2011

Arsenal's full season players rating (keeper)

1. Manuel Almunia (4.5)
Started the season as the number one keeper. He put a decent performance for few matches, but his horrible performance - even after saving a penalty - in the home match against West Brom - when Arsenal lost 2-3 - was likely to be the U turn of his career in Arsenal. He got injury at that match, and since then Lukasz Fabianski took the number one spot, and Almunia never reclaim that place again. Things got worser to Almunia, when Fabianski's deputy, Wojciech Szczesny played well when Fabianski injured. Despite several critics, he still played fairly well against Barcelona, coming in replacing Szczesny, who is injured. Almunia may not be the first team keeper next season, and probably he is going out this summer.

13. Jens Lehmann (6)
This veteran keeper only made one appearance, in the game against Blackpool. He became the oldest player represent Arsenal in league. His peformance against Blackpool wasn't too good, conceded once and could be sent off after a reckless challenge. Fortunately, Blackburn scored a goal after that, and the referee gave the goal and didn't punish Lehmann with any cards.

21. Lukasz Fabianski (7)
Unlike last year, he was solid this season. Many doubts were at him when Arsene Wenger trusted him to be no 1 keeper following Almunia's injury, but Fabianski coped with the pressure well. His positioning was better than before, and he wasn't Fabianski we know concede 5 against Tottenham anymore. He had produced strings of great performance, like against Everton, and he was likely to be number one next season. However, he got a shoulder injury that kept him on the sideline until the end of season.

53. Wojciech Szczesny (7)
No one would expected this Polish keeper to be no 1 keeper in the beginning of the season. He started the game against Manchester United as Fabianski injured, faulted for bad positioning on Park Ji Sung's goal, he made several good saves in that match, and keep the scoreline 1-0 for Arsenal's defeat. After Fabianski back, he back to the bench. However, he reclaimed his place on the starting line up, with Fabianski injured until the end of the season, and impressed with teriffic performances. He is the keeper who never afraid of anyone, his bravery is his strength. His performance on the first leg of champions league agaisnt Barca was the example of his bravery. Facing the like of Lionel Messi, the best player on the world, and David Villa, Spanish superstriker, Szczesny kept his head cool, and couldn't blame for the goal Villa scored. He denied Barca's chance, so that Arsenal only behind one goal, before van Persie and Arshavin netted for the Gunners' victory. However, he still need to improve his commanding ability. It was probably his main weakness. He was involved in giving goals for Obafemi Martins which resulted in Arsenal's 1-2 Carling Cup Final defeat. A finger injury hit Szczesny on the second leg of Champions League, and he was sidelined for six week. He made one penalty save on Arsenal's 1-2 defeat from Bolton. He has a good career prospect in Arsenal. He is still 21, and possibly Arsenal's next season no 1 keeper, competing with another polish Lukasz Fabianski

the young, promising keeper (photos from skysports)

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