Sunday, January 29, 2012

Not the most convincing victory, but it was a great spirit. 3-2

Arsenal recorded a superb comeback from 0-2 down to 3-2 victory in the fifth round of FA Cup in the Emirates Stadium. Arsenal scored three times in 15 minutes to book the place in the last 16 on the FA Cup, with an away clash against either Middlesbrough or Sunderland.

Arsenal, which played almost the strongest team, didn't play too badly on the first half, but somehow Aston Villa took two goals from Richard Dunne's header from the corner and Darrent Bent via counter attack. However, second half was Arsenal's dominance. First fifteen minutes of second half was all Arsenal need to win this game.

Arsenal were very dangerous on the second half. They almost scored when Per Mertesacker's nice header from van Persie's corner cleared off the line by Ireland, but then Arsenal got penalty when Richard Dunne obstructed Aaron Ramsey on the penalty area, and van Persie gave hope for Arsenal 1-2. Just moments after that, Theo Walcott scored the equalizer after got deflected the clearance off the line by Aston Villa's player. Robin van Persie completed Arsenal's comeback with a penalty, after Laurent Koscielny brought down by Darrent Bent. Ironic enough for Aston Villa, their two goalscorer gave two penalties to Arsenal.

Arsenal showed an amazing spirit, with two nil down on the half time, it is never easy to back on the game. Credit for Arsene Wenger, who made a good team talk on the half time, and even without substitution they can turn the game on. Walcott, despite being quite wasteful upfront, scored a goal, Chamberlain showed why Arsenal fans were angry when Wenger withdrew him on the last match against Man United, he was very lively on the left flank, despite still a little bit lacking of final product. Rosicky played the ball neatly, and Ramsey was brilliant on the second half.

However, Arsenal were still really vulnerable on the set piece, and also aerial ball. Arsenal were very weak defending floating crosses, as they conceded that kind of goal twice in two match. Arsenal also need to re-sharpen the final touch, all of the goals scored today, none of them were from open play, two penalties, and one deflection.

Above of that all, Arsenal were deserved to win this game, they got more chances, and on the second half they were brilliant. The hope for a trophy this season is still on, on FA Cup.


  1. Glad to see your writting, bro...
    (meskipun gw ga pernah ngerti apapun tentang bola)

    Emangnya lo khusus buat blog ini buat bola ya?
    Ga pernah nulis tentang Scandal gitu?

    Jin,ternyata nutella ada di Indo,cm harus nyari ke supermarket Internasional kaya Riau Junction atau Setiabudi Supermarket...

    Tapi kayanya gw tetep berharap lo bawain dari sana...haha ^^V

    1. nah begitulah, emang ini khusus buat bola, tp ujung"nya bakal buat Arsenal doang sih.. haha.. .belum soal SCANDAL mah, paling ntar juga kalo gw dah jago bahasa Jepang, gw terjemahin smw post SCANDAL..