Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Don't leave Arsenal, Cesc!

Fabregas has heavily linked with Barcelona move, and he already desired his will to come back to his childhood club. Barca is said to already offer Cesc Fabregas with 30 millions pounds but Arsenal turned it down, because Arsenal wants 40 or maybe 50 millions for the gunners' captain

Well, Fabregas is definetely the key player of Arsenal, including the Captain of the club. Of course, Barcelona need to make a higher offer! Without any disrespection, Berbatov was bought by Man. Utd 30 millions, and Robinho was bought around that price too. Robinho was the one Madrid wanted to offload, and Man.City paid 30 milliosn. Fabregas, who is key player, and labelled not for sale, should be priced more. 50-60 milllions is reasonable for 23-years old star. Fabregas would be able to play at the highest level at least 7 more years.

Well, another reason is the competition for first team places in Barcelona. IF Fabregas leave Arsenal, would he still guaranteed first place? Barca has another excellent passers, Xavi Hernandez and Andres Iniesta. While it isn't likely to see Barca changed their formation, Fabregas would play in midfield alongside Xavi and one defensive midfielder. Would Iniesta pushed forward, and forcing Ibrahimovic to the bench? Or Fabregas would only become supersub??

Fabregas could only be Prince in Camp Nou, while he is now a King in Arsenal!
Remember what happened to Thierry Henry and Aliaksandr Hleb when they moved to Barcelona! You could suffer the same too, Fabregas!

So, don't leave Arsenal, Cesc!

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