Sunday, May 23, 2010

It's so similar

EPL has ended, and so Serie A. Even the Champions League has finished yesterday, while we saw Internazionale Milano beats Bayern 2-0 by two goals of Milito.

Well, now I don't write about the champions league, I write about similarities between Premier League and Serie A. I've just realized there are some similarities between two of three big leagues in Europe

1. The League's winner wears Blue Shirt, and also won the Domestic Cup
Chelsea, the EPL winner uses Blue Shirts, while Inter Milan, the treble winner uses Blue shirts with black stripes. Chelsea also win FA Cup, While Inter seals the Copa Italy. Both teams also using trequartista in their formation

2. The League's runner up and third place wears Red Shirt

Man. Utd and Arsenal finished second and third in EPL, while AS Roma and AC Milan gets second and third respectively. All of them uses Red Shirts. AC Milan uses Red Shirts with black stripes. Arsenal also had one more similarities with AC Milan. They both doubted with many pundits, but they performs very well, and surprised the pundits. Arsenal and AC Milan also using 4-3-3

3. Newcomer to big four

Tottenham finished fourth to qualify to Champions League next season, while Sampdoria gets the same position in Serie A. Both teams isn't the big four in their country, but managed to seals Champions League Spot

4. Three horse race until two horse race
It was three horse race until the mid-end of the season (Chelsea - Man. Utd - Arsenal), and (Inter - Roma - Milan), but in the end, it's only two horse race between the winner and the runner-up

5. Title decided on the last gameweek.
Inter seals Champions after beating Siena 1-0 and Chelsea destroyed Wigan 8-0 to ensure the EPL trophy comes to London

6. Teams with most titles falls
Juventus failed to get to the Champions League next season, and so did Liverpool. Both teams didn't perform like what they should perform. Both teams have the most league title in their country. Both teams had a good squad, but injuries hit them and they only get the ticket to the Europa League.

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