Sunday, June 13, 2010

World Cup Prediction Group B-H

Group B
As South Korea and Argentina win on the first match, they are favoured to go to the next round, but seeing Nigeria in the match against Argentina, I predicted Nigeria will come to the next round while Argentina would get the top position. Greece might replay what they get in Euro 2008

Group C
Slovenia wins against Algeria, while USA and England draws, so Slovenia stays on top, but the next two match, Slovenia isn't likely to win, so England and USA would go to the next round. Algeria would get 0 points from the three match

Group D
Very tough group, but Ghana, which has just got 1-0 victory against Serbia, and Germany would go to the next round. Ghana might beat Germany to reach the top of the group, like just Croatia did to Germany in Euro 2008. Serbia, and Australia would give Germany and Ghana challenge, but they still would say goodbye to world Cup

Group E
Netherlands, who has been very impressive in the friendly match, would be untouchable in this group. Cameroon and Denmark would battle hard for the ticket to the second round, but it's Cameroon which likely to get it, as this world cup is in Africa. Japan, which targeted the semifinal, would be in the number 4 in this group

Group F
Italy and Paraguay would get to the next round, despite would get a tough challenge from Slovakia. New Zealand would get nothing from three games

Group G
Brazil would top this group, and followed by Portugal. If Didier Drogba isn't injured, Ivory Coast would be more likely to go to the next round rather than Portugal. And North Korea would have same points with New Zealand from Group F..

Group H
Spain would easily overcome all opponent in this group, if they play like they do when beating Poland 6-0. Switzerland and Chile would battle hard to get the second place. And it could be even, while Switzerland has a good defense, Chile has a great offensive power. Honduras wouldn't qualify, but they would held either Chile or Switzerland

Sunday, June 6, 2010

WORLD Cup Prediction Group A

Group A of World Cup consists of the Host South Africa, Uruguay, 1998 champions Mexico, and also 1998 World Cup Winner Frace. All the teams have same chances to go to the next round.

South Africa is the host. They were in doubt after not qualifying to the African Cup in 2010, but they performed well in the Confederation Cup, and also recent friendly matches. While having a quite strong defense, they don't have a very strong offensive power

Uruguay, which qualified via play-off, isn't a team who could easily beaten, although not outstanding. Uruguay would be a tough opponent for every team. Physically strong, but sometimes inconsistent

France also qualified via a controversial playoff, doesn't perform too well in the friendly matches, and they would struggle to play against Uruguay, Mexico, and South Africa. They have bunch of good players, like Ribery, Gourcuff, and Lloris, but organizationally not very strong.

Mexico has showed its cohesiveness, despite losing against Netherland and England, they don't played badly. They even could beat the defending champions Italy 2-1. Mexico has a good attacking power in Giovanni, Carlos Vela, Cuautemoc Blanco, and also Javier Hernandez

As all of the teams have almost equally same strength, this group would probably give many draw results.Personally, I think South Africa and Mexico would through to the next round. Mexico has showing theirself playing as a team, and South Africa would be very hard to beat in their home. If they perform like they do in Confederation Cup, the second round ticket would be theirs.