Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A night to remember..

Arsenal 2 Barcelona 1
It's the final scoreline on Emirates Stadium, February 16th 2011, when Arsenal meets Barcelona. Arsenal overcame a 0-1 deficit, to win 2-1. Barcelona themself didn't play poorly, they even played well, but Arsenal's outstanding play made them lost.

First half was Barcelona's, they controlled the game well, even Arsenal was dominant in the first 10 minutes. Barca kept the possesion well, distributed, and could score a goal, from David Villa, by Lionel Messi's assist. They almost scored the second, but Szczesny keep the scoreline 0-1.

Second half, and Arsenal played differently. They dominated the game, being sharper than the first 45 minutes. Wenger played Arshavin to replace Alex Song, which is a gamble. They played without any defensive midfield, but they needed to change situation, as they were behind. It was a very risky decision. Barca could've scored another goal, if they had succesfully exploited Arsenal's offensive formation.
After few chances, their work finally paid off, although more than 30 minutes is needed, when Gael Clichy chipped the ball through Barca's defence, and Van Persie smashed the ball into the net, when Victor Valdes slightly out of his position. 1-1. And sice that goal, momentum winds blows for Arsenal. 5 minutes later, Arsenal fast counter attack from Samir Nasri brilliantly finished by supersub Andrey Arshavin.

Barca was awaken from their sleep, and they tried to equalize, but 7 minutes plus 2 minutes of injury time was not enough to score a goal. So the final score, Arsenal 2 Barcelona 1

Arsenal showed that they CAN beat Barca without playing naive, defensive. They still play with their original style, and more importantly still winning. It is a match to remember, as both teams showed passing ability, techniques, and also beautiful football. And it's a night to remember for the Gooners, as they beat what everyone considers as the best football club in this universe! Next leg will be held on Camp Nou, and Arsenal holding a one goal lead, but there's still 90 minutes to play. Everything still could hapeen, so Arsenal shouldn't been complacent by this aggregate.

Just hope for another great game in the second leg..!